What’s a journey without a soundtrack? No soft melody transporting you down the whirlpool of memories as you gaze through the windshield of a car, train or flight even? How would the vibe in that car full of friends be, if there were no loud songs playing to sing along with till everyone ends up with sore throats?

Music while travelling is as necessary as your travel kit of essentials. There is the constantly updated playlist for every day, and then there is the list of all-time favourites. But, when it comes to travel some songs have to be on your playlist. We’ve compiled a list which is a motley mix of old and new that we think should be in every traveller’s playlist.

Here is a list of a few Indian road-trip songs to make your next trip memorable

  1. O Humdum Suniyo Re (Saathiya)

2. Patakha Guddi (Highway)

3. New York Nagaram (Nuvvu Nenu Prema)

4.  Ilahi (YJHD)

5. Vellipomake (SSS)